Dinsdale Contracts

Surfacing Division

Dinsdale Contracts provide haulage and road surfacing to domestic customers as well as commercial businesses. They are a very hard working so did not have a lot of time to spend with me. Once we had our first consultation I set to work in creating their website.

They were looking for a place to advertise their business as well as showcase their work they have done over the years. Once I had made the first step we discussed how things could be tweaked and also created their Facebook page so they could keep in direct contact with their customers but also have a presence on the Social platform.

We are always in touch and making a few adjustments here and there or adding new content to their website or Facebook page.

Dinsdale Contracts

Project Details

Client: Dinsdale Contracts, Appleby

Date: June 2016

Style: Construction Portfolio

Visit Site: dinsdalecontracts.com

Craig and his team came up with a great design and web presence for our brick and motor business.

Mike Dinsdale

Director, Dinsdale Contracts

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